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Your project, product or service is great. Yet your corporate communication needs a little polishing. By that I don't mean complicating the language, but by simplifying and streamlining your corporate communication. 

It is, in particular, important to create written communication which aims to inform, rather than confuse. I believe in editing out the clutter, or writing new material for your organisation which enhances and supports your business operations. Allow me to provide you with well-written, easy to understand, highly usable materials which is tailor made for your organisation. 


I can assist you with the following documents:

Planning Documents

  • Business Plans

  • Marketing Plans

  • Annual Reports and Forecasts

  • Corporate Minutes

Contracts &


  • Contracts/Agreements

  • Transaction Documents

  • Trade Agreements

  • Public / Private partnership agreements


  • Policy Manuals

  • Procedures Documents

  • Employee Manuals

  • Human Resource handbooks 

  • Health and Safety

  • Equality and Diversity

  • Mission Statements


  • Training handbooks

  • Course Materials

  • eBooks for Business

  • Freelance Editing Services / Proofreading

eBook Reader

Proof Reading and Editing Services 

Maybe you have already written any of the above mentioned documents. However, you would like for me to proofread or edit the materials. This will save you a lot of time and add value to your work! Skilled editing can dramatically improve any document’s presentation. Compelling arguments and brilliant ideas aren’t worth much if they’re not getting through to your readers, obscured by poor structure or illogical flow.  If readers strain to understand what you’re saying, they’re gone!  


My editing service allows you to maximize your impact. To ensure your subject and point are clear to your audience, I remove extra words and repeated ideas, sometimes choose more appropriate words or phrases, reorganise material to bridge breaks in logical flow, and add visual features like lists and headings.


Your needs and circumstances will dictate the appropriate editing level necessary, as some editing can be carried out quickly, while in some cases the level of editing is far more detailed and substantive, which impacts time and effort. We will choose together which type of editing is right for you. 

Website- and Marketing-Related Writing Services

  • Website Content Development

  • Business / Corporate Blogs

  • Direct Response Copywriting

  • Promotional Pieces, Newsletters

  • Articles for Publication

  • Search Engine Optimisation


Business Letter Writing

  • Letters and Emails

  • Strategic and Executive Correspondence

  • Legal Letters / Official Letters / Formal Letter Writing


Essential Business Writing and Communication Tools

  • White Papers

  • Case Studies

  • Reports

  • Presentations

  • Proposals - Sales, Project, Service

  • Ebooks

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