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Are you a Non-Governmental Organisation, Company or Individual looking to fund your project? I will write your grant or fund application form for you, providing you a service as both writer and consultant.

Grants opportunities are available for every imaginable sector.

You could be:

  • A local producer tying to boost local manufacturing and employment

  • A researcher trying to explore solutions to scientific problems

  • An arts institution dreaming of organisation a festival or an exhibition

  • An NGO with an uplifting community project

  • An organic farmer with an innovative project

  • A healthcare provider with ground-breaking public health solutions

  • Trying to fund an educational program

  • Planning to organise a conference

Personally, I have been there: you have a great concept, and a feasible project, and you have also a few funding opportunities in mind, however, the application process is not only overwhelming - it is a full time job in itself.  This is where I come in the picture and help you!

Team of Medical Research Scientists Coll

To help Businesses and Individuals apply for grants, I offer these services: 

  • Identifying grant or tender opportunities

  • Conducting extensive research

  • Create a Project Model development plan

  • Devise a management plan

  • Evaluation project designs

  • Assessing your needs

  • Planning your budget

  • Creating business plans

  • Completing PQQs and SSQs

  • Completing all necessary forms

  • Manage timely submission of all forms to funding bodies

I work across numerous sectors; therefore I am well equipped to help your organisation move forward with your project. 

My range includes projects in the following areas: 

  • Medical services provision ​

    • Healthcare tenders and EU Healthcare projects

    • Designing clinics and patient pathways​

    • Collaborating with health authorities

    • private / public healthcare partnership project

  • Researching new medical treatment approaches, diagnostics and medical devices 

  • SME manufacturing to promote growth and competition 

  • Sustainable agricultural research and product development 

  • Projects that address global warming and sustainability issues 

  • Tourism projects aiming to promote responsible travel and sustainability 

  • Women's and children's rights 

  • Social integration of minorities and refugees 

  • Education and job training 

  • Art and Music, with particular emphasis on orchestra and festival funding 


I am offering you full or partial grant writing services. Therefore, I can help you manage your project's fund application from scratch or, if you have started planning your project or filling out the forms and you need assistance, I am happy to help you proceed from there.


Together, we will identify which funding source is right for you and how to move forward.

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