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Winning EU Funding is often an extremely lengthy and highly competitive process. Your project needs to be exceptional, but what is even more important is the right wording to help sell the idea to the funding bodies. 

I will help you find the optimal EU funding opportunities for your project and shape your great project ideas into a skilfully worded proposal within the EU format and in line with their funding policy expectations. The funding ranges from direct EU grants and private loans to consortium recruitment, bid / grant writing, negotiation with granting authorities, drawing up budgets and even project design to better suit the nature of the grant and its policy itself. 

I can provide the following EU Funding services for your organisation: 


EU Funding

  • Searching out EU Public Grants & Private Loans Opportunities and identifying the best call for proposals 

  • Identifying which of your existing projects or ideas are eligible for EU Funding. 

  • Project Analysis to assess if your organisation fits the profile of the fund

  • Assessing how much funding your organization would obtain

  • Proposal Creation and Development: Drafting Applications to EU Call for Proposals & Tenders

  • Assessing what feedback the European Commission may give you at pre-evaluation station

  • Preparation of Jury Pitch and pitch coaching 

  • Distribution of Project Outcomes & External Communication

  • Monitoring Results & Impact Evaluation

  • Project Identity & Websites Set Up

  • Influencing Decision Makers on Future Funding Priorities

  • Investor Readiness Assessment & Commercial Potential of Project Results

  • Investors Matchmaking (Corporate, Business Angels, Venture Capitalists)

  • Project Management Assistance – additional consulting for signing the contract and an any administrative paperwork to unlock different stages of the grant execution.   

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