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Not all projects are aimed at receiving a grant. I write many projects for companies or individuals who require writing assistance for other organisational purposes. You may already have the funds, but need a well written project for approval by department heads within your company or other governing bodies. 


Sometimes you have a choice of options for your project design and there may be a number of ways your organisation can approach the task at hand. You may even have multiple project ideas, but might need to assess which has greater feasibility.


I will help you gain a better understanding of the grant provider’s or relevant decision maker’s ideals and missions, in order to assist you in streamlining your project design to suit the provider’s expectations and culture. All this time I will ensure that this aligns with your organisation’s strategic goals. 

I will collaborate with you throughout the desired stages of the project, and if you have already started but need assistance in order to continue, we will review your project design progress together and pick it from there. These services include editing of your project, proof reading, project design and industry / business research. 

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